This workshop is ideal for those interested in abstract painting. Students experiment with various abstract techniques, such as layering, texture creation, and non-representational forms, to create unique and expressive artworks.




3 hours


8 modules





Course description

This course caters specifically to advanced painters who are venturing into the world of acrylic painting for the first time. It offers a comprehensive foundation in acrylic painting, covering essential aspects such as mastering color mixing, developing brushwork techniques, and crafting uncomplicated yet visually captivating compositions.

Throughout the course, students will find themselves immersed in the vibrant realm of acrylics, gradually building confidence in their artistic abilities. By focusing on these fundamental skills, participants will lay the groundwork for their creative journey, equipping themselves with the knowledge and techniques needed to express their artistic visions with acrylic paints.

Week 1: Introduction to Acrylics and Materials
  • Session 1: Course Overview and Materials Introduction
  • Session 2: Acrylic Paints and Tools
Week 2: Basic Techniques and Brushwork
  • Session 3: Brush Types and Strokes
  • Session 4: Layering and Blending Techniques
Week 3: Color Theory and Mixing
  • Session 5: Understanding Color and the Color Wheel
  • Session 6: Practical Color Mixing
Week 4: Still Life Painting
  • Session 7: Creating Your First Still Life Painting (Part 1)
  • Session 8: Creating Your First Still Life Painting (Part 2)
Week 5: Final Touches, Review, and Conclusion
  • Session 15: Adding Details and Final Touches
  • Session 16: Course Review, Student Art Showcase, and Conclusion